Mads Ole 





Grew up sorrounded by theater.

Playing gigs since 1993.

His project, We All Are One, focuses on that people with a handicap shoyld have an equal voice and equal rights. (in danish)

New single released

Something Stupid

August 31st 2023

First single from Mads Ole Erhardsen's first vocal album.

Vocal/piano ballad version of the well known song.

With a beautiful piano acompagnement by the amazing Heine Hansen

New single released

Dancing in the Dark

September 28th 2023

Second single from Mads Ole's first vocal album.

Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark.

Mads Ole's cousin was a big Springsteen fan. This was her favorite song. Mads Ole made this arrangement for her, when she was terminally ill.

Unique 6 string bass playing by the fantastic Klaus Nielsen on this track. Mads Ole sings and plays soprano and tenor saxophones.

New single released

Ne Me Quitte Pas

November 2nd  2023

Third single from Mads Ole's first vocal album.

Jacques Brel's Ne Me Quitte Pas. Vocal / double bass duo.

With the amazing acompaignement of double bass player Thomas Sejthen.

New single released

Kuling fra Nordvest

November 23rd 2023

Fourth single from Mads Ole Erhardsen's first vocal album.

In a duet with the fantastic singer Lilly Hertzman. 

Two vocals. tenor sax, bass clarinet and a beat.

Song in danish by Lotte Svendsen and Jens Brygmann.

New single

Cucurrucucu Paloma

December 7th 2023

Fifth and last single from Mads Ole Erhardsen's first vocal album.

Vocal, soprano sax, tenor sax and bass clarinet. That's it.

Old mexican song about sorrow, lost love, sorrow and death.

By Thomás Méndez.

New album

Inhaling Life

December 21st 2023

First vocal album. 11 songs.

8 interpretations of known songs and 3 origininals. All vocals and instruments by Mads Ole except for the wonderful featured artists: Klaus Nielsen, Heine Hansen, Thomas Sejthen and Lilly Hertzman, Morten Ankarfeldt and Janus Templeton.

Sejthen / Erhardsen

Standard Sessions

June 23rd 2023

Sax/double bass duo album.

We're playing some favorites in our own arrangements.

Thomas Sejthen double bass

MOE tenor sax


Uniquely Human

April 2nd 2021

Baritone sax album

Morten Ankarfeldt bass

Janus Templeton drums

MOE baritone sax

Madsole Quartet



11 originals and 2 by Billy Strayhorn

Heine Hansen piano

Morten Lundsby double bass

Stefan Pasborg drums

MOE tenor sax, composition, vocal

Thomas Sejthen Trio

This is Our Year

January 1st 2023

2nd album by TST. All originals by Thomas.

Thomas Sejthen double Bass

Jesper Bo Knudsen drums

MOE tenor sax

Consul Pepsi & the Sweet Thunder Poetry Parade

Featuring John Tchicai and Peter Laugesen


Peter Laugesen poetry

John Tchicai tenor sax

Jakob Buchanan trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, composition

Johannes Hejl double bass

Anders Holm drums

MOE tenor sax, soprano sax

We All Are One


Project focusing on giving people with handicap an equal voice end equal rights

Thomas Sejthen Trio

November 2019

Debut album from TST. All originals by Thomas.

Thomas Sejthen double Bass

Jesper Bo Knudsen drums

MOE tenor sax, bass clarinet



Original duo project

Klaus Nielsen vocal, guitar, bass, perc, composition

Lilly Hertzman vocal

Merete Gry Jacobsen vocal

Thomas Stær guitar, composition

Louis Lavallée vocal

Sten Marborg compostition

Dorthe Buch Andersen Oboe

Søren Friis cello

MOE saxes, flute, vocal, drums, perc, composition

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